Whenever you’re manufacturing a prototype or the actual component of a product, it’s extremely crucial that you consider the geometric properties and dimensions of that component. The reason for this is that errors due to the dimensions can negatively affect the whole process.  

Fortunately, manufacturers don’t have to worry about this anymore. Today, most manufacturers are using a machine called a Coordinate Measuring Machine.  

So, what is it? Do you need one? Let’s find out. 

What is a Coordinate Measuring Machine? 

For those who don’t know, a CMM from a reliable Coord3 CMM Distributor is a crucial tool in the manufacturing process. The reason for this is that it helps maintain workflow.  

For all manufacturing processes, precise physical and geometric dimensions are crucial. For these purposes, there are two methods people use. First is the traditional method. This includes using optical comparators or measuring hand tools.  

Unfortunately, traditional tools need expertise. They’re also prone to errors. This is where the second option comes in.  

A coordinated measuring machine, commonly known as a CMM, is a tool that measures the dimensions of a component with the help of coordinate technology. The dimensions open to measurements include the depth, width, and height in the Z, Y, and X-axis.  

You can measure the item and record the data. This depends on the sophistication of the CMM. 

Do You Need a CMM? 

Now that you know what a CMM is, you probably know why they’re extremely popular in the manufacturing industry. One of the biggest reasons why manufacturers prefer CMM over traditional methods is that it is more reliable and convenient.  

There are a lot of limitations you’ve got to consider when you use the traditional method of measuring components. For instance, you will need the skills and experience of a professional operator to carefully examine the components. It can result in a lot of issues down the line if the operator doesn’t do his/her job properly.  

Another reason is that modern tools are more sophisticated compared to traditional ones. Nowadays, almost every tool has technology incorporated in them. This enables more convenient and accurate results. Thus, manufacturers use a CMM to guarantee they achieve the results they want.  

Furthermore, a CMM is also a lot faster compared to traditional methods. It can measure components repeatedly with accuracy and speed. This will greatly increase the productivity of your manufacturing process.  

Guaranteed Quality 

Unlike the traditional method of measuring the dimensions of a component, a CMM is the most reliable. You can measure and analyze your component digitally. Aside from that, it also offers other uses such as reverse engineers, tool certifications, CAD comparison, and dimensional analysis.  

Save Money and Time 

A CMM is crucial to the production flow due to its accuracy and speed. In the manufacturing industry, the  production of complicated tools is becoming widespread. If you’re one of these manufacturers, a CMM is the best tool to have to measure the dimensions of your products.  

To make things simple, it can help lower production time and costs.